We’re delighted to have partnered with our pals at the Night Time Industries Association to support their new #nightlifematters campaign. Here we pass the reins over to Tom van Berckel at the NTIA to tell you more about the campaign and how you can get involved and help protect venues and clubs around the UK…

Nightlifematters is a nationwide consumer campaign designed to raise awareness of the countless issues and challenges venues across the UK are currently facing. Over the last few years we’ve watched many well loved venues close due to a variety of issues culminating in what could be called a perfect storm for owners and promoters.  Nightlifematters is a series of events over the year designed to rally support, build awareness and celebrate the huge economic & social contribution of night time business.

The campaign gives the public the opportunity to sign the petition and send an email to their local councillor. In doing so we can begin to make our voices heard and in the process build a collective of supporters all of whom realise the importance of having a thriving night time experience .

In order for the campaign to be successful the NTIA (Night time Industries Association) need your support. There are many different things you can do whether you are a promoter, venue owner, producer. If you think you can help please get in touch with tom@ntia.co.uk.

1.    Send a mail out to your mailing list. Part of the campaign involves creating a national collective of supporters all of whom support UK nightculture and protecting the industry they know and love. Having venues across the UK contact their mailing lists and ask for their support is critical to our success.

2.    Partner with Nightlifematters on key events. Its simple, if you have a big event on the horizon why not partner with Nightlifematters. This involves running the night in association with the campaign and directing people to sign the online petition at http://www.nightlifematters.com. It is essential that we get as many people to do this as possible as this is then sent to local MP’s and Councillors and has a considerable impact the higher the volume of correspondence.

We’ll provide you with logos to sit on any event communications. We’ve got an eflyer that can sit alongside event literature. Events are also a good opportunity to share our message and rally support.

3.    Social Media: Share our content through your socials consistently. There will be ongoing news, updates, events over the year.

4.    Posters and Eflyers: Put up framed posters at Reception / in the toilets and other key areas so that people can see details of the campaign.

5.    Introduce Artists: All venues will have a constant flow of artists and talent performing. We need artists to support us, with artists at venues this is the best opportunity for us to win their support. Please Introduce relevant artists to support our campaign.

6.    Artist Photos: We have some Nightlifematters signs. The idea is artists pose with the sign. It’s a simple way of getting some coverage on socials easily, especially as most of them are behind our movement. We can get the signs sent over to you.

The NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) established itself 15 months ago, set up by a group of venue owners in order to address the unfair treatment of night time business by the authorities and to also champion and celebrate the important contribution Nightculture makes to the lives we live. In a short period of time the NTIA has gone a long way to changing the national conversation around nighlife and 24 hour cities, which is no surprise with an impressive list of Directors including Steve Ball (Columbo Group) Jonathan Downey (London Union) Sacha Lord Marchionne (Warehouse Project), Mike Grieve ( Sub Club) and many more.

Over the last year we have been heavily involved in the Mayor of London’s Night Time Commission and Music Taskforce, and have been instrumental in recent plans for a Night time Czar to be appointed. This role will be pivotal in protecting London Nightlife and building a thriving industry for the future.  This is being considered by other UK cities also.

Join the movement at http://www.nightlifematters.com

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