A Brief History of The UK Music Festival

It’s that time of year that people refer to as ‘festival season’, but with so many festivals on offer all year round, there’s a case to be made that every season is festival season. We’re spoilt for choice in the UK, with city festivals, seaside festivals, all-dayers, multi-venue, multi-genre, family friendly and family unfriendly events... Continue Reading →

Your Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if once you set up your event, allocated tickets to your favourite independent box office (that’s us, naturally) and watched as your glorious-looking event page goes on sale, you could just sit back and relax? Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, and this is often where the hard work actually starts. Sure,... Continue Reading →

Re-thinking Customer Data

We recently attended a talk at the Chartered Insitute of Marketing's (CIM) Digital Summit entitled “Whose data is it anyway?” and left feeling quite smug about ourselves. Sure, there were some fairly shocking stats exposed – such as only 30% of marketers, when asked, said they would put the trust of their customers above overstepping... Continue Reading →

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