5 Tips For Live Tweeting Your Event

Twitter’s bitesize posts are perfect for providing live updates at your events. Whether using them to interact with your audience, let others know what they’re missing out on or both, you can post valuable content without taking away any attention from the event itself. There’s been a lot of coverage recently about live tweeting at corporate events, but it’s also a great tool for live music and comedy. Here are our top 5 tips for getting the most out of your live updates.

1. Establish a #Hashtag

Something you should think about before the event actually happens is setting up a hashtag, or a couple of specific hashtags, that can be used both in anticipation of and during your event. Hashtags help create a forum for conversation between anyone interested in your show and are a good way to get the ball rolling and create excitement.

2. Think on Your Feet

Event organisers will often set up a live tweet roll on a projector to share people’s thoughts and experiences visually at their event. This is great, but thinking on your feet is important. Firstly, regulation of live tweets is advisable so make sure you have someone checking that they are above board and acceptable  ̶  you get some jokers out there. Secondly, responding and engaging with tweeters is key to them building a relationship with your brand. Keeping your camera phone ready and quickly tweeting any funny or interesting things that are happening backstage also gives followers exclusive content and improves their event experience.

3. Retweet

There’ll be photos and videos that attendees will post and sharing this is a great way to create more content for your event while acknowledging and supporting fans. The larger conversation is going to happen regardless so it is key to be part of this. Sharing other people’s content saves you time and effort but be careful to only tweet interesting and relevant posts, otherwise your feed may become saturated and look like spam.

4. Plan Your Content

As well as thinking on your feet with content it’s also important to have some kind of plan. With Twitter, the live aspect means you want to be getting content out before anyone else and reaping the benefits. Work out the most important or exciting parts of your event (these could be exclusive songs, special guest appearances or announcements) and make sure you capture them with photos and video; you never know how valuable these could become.

5. Mix It Up

As I said earlier Twitter’s posts are simple and to the point, which is good for communicating a variety of live news, but using add-ons such as Vine to post short videos adds another perspective to the content. It’s well known that videos and photos gain a higher engagement rate, so be sure to mix your content up!

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