Covid-19 NHS Test & Trace and your events

We hope you're doing okay through all of this. As things slowly start to open up we know some of you are having to collect customer information at your pubs and venues in case it's needed by the NHS Test & Trace team or, outside of England, your Nation's specified tracing system. We anticipate all event organisers will need to... Continue Reading →

Our Year In Review

Bored of reading all those tiresome end of year lists picking out the best songs and albums? Yeah, what a friggin' yawn fest they are. But this, dear reader, is where it gets exciting. Right here, right now, you can find out what happened at your favourite independent ticket agency during 2016... Style on point... Continue Reading →

Re-thinking Customer Data

We recently attended a talk at the Chartered Insitute of Marketing's (CIM) Digital Summit entitled “Whose data is it anyway?” and left feeling quite smug about ourselves. Sure, there were some fairly shocking stats exposed – such as only 30% of marketers, when asked, said they would put the trust of their customers above overstepping... Continue Reading →

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