Covid-19 NHS Test & Trace and your events

We hope you’re doing okay through all of this.

As things slowly start to open up we know some of you are having to collect customer information at your pubs and venues in case it’s needed by the NHS Test & Trace team or, outside of England, your Nation’s specified tracing system. We anticipate all event organisers will need to do this as live entertainment starts to open up more widely.

Thank you nhs rainbow banner. Rainbow ob blue background with lettersData protection and electronic communication laws do not stop Government, the NHS or any other health professionals from sending public health messages to people as these messages are not direct marketing.

Our system makes it easy for you to supply this information. When you’ve sold tickets with us, you’ll be able to download and pass on all relevant customer information (including names and email addresses) should you be alerted that one of your event attendees has tested positive for Covid-19.

You can get this data by clicking on the event in your Client Admin area, scrolling down to the Ticket Lists section and clicking on the “Download CSV” link.

You can find more information about the NHS Test & Trace system here:

We hope this helps those of you who are already up and running with socially-distanced events, and that everyone else can use this info to prepare for your own restart when the time comes.

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